Keith Saunders Trio


Pianist Keith Saunders spent his formative years in Los Angeles where he studied with Charlie Shoemake and Horace Silver. Keith worked extensively in L.A. with such well known artists as Eddie Harris, Roy McCurdy, Bill Holman, and Bill Watrous, as well as recording with Dick Berk's Jazz Adoption Agency.

After moving to New York City in 1984, Keith worked and/or recorded with Richie Cole, Richie Vitale, Hank Crawford, Mickey Roker, Ralph LaLama, Frank Wess, and Valery Ponamarev. In 1991, Keith became the leader of The NY HardBop Quintet, a cooperative unit featuring Joe Magnarelli and Jerry Weldon, which released four recordings for the TCB Montreux Jazz label.

Relocated to the Bay Area, Keith appears with Calvin Keys, Noel Jewkes, Jim Grantham, Chris Amberger, Patrick Wolff, Erik Jekabson, and Ron Marabuto.

Keith appeared previously at Chez Hanny with the Robb Fisher-Keith Saunders Trio.

Bassist Eric Markowitz, born and raised in New Jersey, never thought much of growing up 30 minutes away from the jazz mecca of New York City. That all changed when half way through his college studies in St. Louis, he met world renowned jazz drummer Joe Charles. Eric spent the next few years apprenticed under local St. Louis legends Joe Charles and saxophonist/composer Jimmy Sherrod.

Markowitz quickly became one of the leading jazz bassists in St. Louis, voted 4 years in a row best jazz group in St. Louis while playing with the David Stone Trio.

Having decided that the St. Louis Jazz community was just too small, he moved to San Francisco in 2004, and was quickly integrated into the local jazz scene, performing with players such as Patrick Wolff, Adam Shulman, Scott Larson, Jeffrey Burr, Jay Standards, Joe Cohen, Smith Dobson, Scott Foster, and Vince Lateano.

Drummer Smith Dobson has been performing in the Bay Area for nearly twenty years at venues such as the San Jose and San Francisco Jazz Festivals, Yerba Buena Theater, The Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Yoshi's, Kimball's, Pearl's, Bacar, Bruno's, The Make-Out Room, Great American Music Hall, Bottom Of The Hill, Amnesia, The Jazz School, The Stanford Jazz Workshop, and The Intersection of the Arts.

Dobson has had the honor of working with great jazz artists, locally and internationally, such as Bobby Hutcherson, Red Rodney, John Handy, Sheila Jordan, Red Holloway, Pete and Conte Condoli, Phillip Harper, Hal Stein, Noel Jewekes, Ben Goldberg, Graham Connah, Darren Johnston, Charlie Shoemake, Will Bernard, Kenny Brooks, William Wynant, the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, and Anthony Davis.

He also performs on vibraphone and saxophone.

He appeared here previously with the Evan Francis / Darren Johnston Quartet, and the Matt Renzi Cello Quartet.