John Stowell Duo with Dee Bell

John Stowell, guitar, is one of the most outstanding and original jazz guitarists currently performing. We are very honored to have him visiting here from his home inOregon. Check out his web site at for more insight into this internationally recognized artist.

 "In the age of mediocrity and clones, John Stowell's uniqueness and originality is a breath of fresh air. I love playing with him." - Paul Horn

"John Stowell plays jazz, but the doesn't use any of the cliches; he has an incredible originality. John is a master creator" - Larry Coryell

"More guitarists would play like John Stowell if they knew how" - Herb Ellis

Dee Bell, vocals,  moved to San Francisco in 1978 to develop her professionalism as a vocalist and to work toward her goal to make a record in five years.  She met Eddie Duran at the Trident Restaurant where she was a waitress and his trio was the musical entertainment.   In 1982 Eddie and Dee made a demo tape that enticed Stan Getz to volunteer to play on a record date.  This led to "Let There Be Love" on Concord Jazz.  Dee and Eddie followed this album with "One by One" which featured Tom Harrell as guest trumpet.  She has since recorded with Houston Person, Jon Stowell, Colin Bailey, Al Plank and John Witaala.

Voted two years running by Downbeat Magazine Talent Poll, she placed in the category "Talent Deserving Wider Recognition for Female Vocals".  She has been recognized and praised by jazz critics and enthusiasts all over the world, such as Leonard Feather of the Los Angeles Times, and writers for Stereo Review, Jazz Times, and Jazz Journal International of England.

 Dee has performed all over the states and in Japan and both records have achieved international attention and have been voted by radio announcers nationwide to the top 20 in national jazz airplay in Radio and Records Magazine.  She has performed with Stan Getz, Eddie Duran, Bobbie McFerrin, Pete Rugolo, Mike Vax, George Cables, and Eddie Jefferson among others

"Bell has a haunting, jazz-infected sound, her diction and phrasing flawless." - Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times         

"It is Bell's careful attention to the lyrics, her neat delivery and her awareness of the art of jazz accompaniment that makes her every rendition memorable." - Phil Elwood, San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle  

  "Dee Bell is more than just a good professional.  She knows just how to bring the best out in a song.  She does her own thing; lazy, hazy smoky singing." - Derrick-Stewart Baxter, Jazz Journal

“Dee's voice is pure and tender, at times haunting.  Her approach to the material is straightforward and unpretentious.  She takes you inside the lyrics, and you can almost hear her smile." - Jesse Hamlin, SF Chronicle

 "Her smoky, resilient voice is a delicious instrument, conveying the intimate emotions of a lyric while toying subtly with the song's melody.  She is light and substantial at the same time." -- Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian