Jenny Ferris has worked as a jazz vocalist in the Bay Area since the early '70s, and recorded an album in the mid-'80s ("Not So Long Ago") which was well received by local critics, especially Phil Elwood. Throughout that time she has concentrated on a reportoire of standards and jazz classics.

Laura Klein, jazz pianist, has been making music in the Bay Area since 1984. Since that time, Carol, Jenny and Laura have performed together on many occasions. Laura is a composer/co-leader of the jazz sextet Triceratops, which has appeared at Yoshi's, the Cotati Jazz Festival, KSCM's Jazz on the Hill, Kumbwaa Jazz Center, and on KCSM-FM for Sunday Night Suites. Laura has also played with many other jazz groups, and has performed at the San Francisco Jazz Festival and with the San Francisco Symphony Pops.

Carol De Arment began playing piano at age 6, then switched to guitar as a teenager. While still in high school, she purchased her first jazz album, Charles Mingus' "Blues and Roots," which made her want to play the bass. A few years later, after moving to the Bay Area, she began studying jazz bass with Chris Amberger, Mel Graves, and Frank Tusa. Carol has worked as a jazz bassist in the Bay Area for 25 years, and has performed with pianist Debbie Poryes throughout her career. She is a former member of the San Francisco Mime Troupe band, has performed frequently with the local jazz ensemble "Triceratops", and also with Mark Levine, Andrea Haverback, Bishop Normal Williams, and Jimmy Robinson. She was recently heard here accompanying Jessica Williams.