Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish Quartet

The Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish Quartet offers an inspired blend of jazz and Jewish folk melodies, including Kurdish, Yemenite, Moroccan, Ladino, Russian, and Israeli songs.

Amos Hoffman is an Israeli jazz oudist and guitarist known worldwide as a pioneer in fusing the rhythms and melodic themes of the Middle East with Modern Jazz. Hoffman started playing guitar at the age of 6, and oud a few years later. He studied guitar privately, and later attended the prestigious Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem.

His search for new musical experiences led him first to Amsterdam, and then to New York City, where he played jazz with Jason Lindner, bassist Avishai Cohen, and Claudia Acuna.

To date, Hoffman has recorded 5 solo albums, The Dreamer (1999), Na’ama (2006), Evolution (2008), Carving (2010), and Back to the City (2015). He has also contributed on dozens more for artists in Israel and worldwide including Avishai Cohen, Kiko Berenguer (Spain), and Jan Mlynarski (Poland).

In 2013 Amos was awarded one of Israel’s most prestigious prizes – The Landau Prize for Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in the field of jazz.

Pianist, improviser and composer Noam Lemish is an Israeli-American jazz pianist and composer currently based in Toronto, Canada. He has appeared across the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and in Bhutan, and has performed with Sheila Jordan, John Handy, Julian Lage, James Newton, Dayna Stephens, George Marsh, and Frances-Marie Uitti.

He has several recordings to his credit, including The Turning (2016), The Magic Clavier Book I (2015), Nightfall (2013), The People’s King (2010), and Yes And (2008). His compositions include chamber, choral, piano, numerous jazz works, and “The People’s King”: a commissioned multi-cultural suite in celebration of the King of Bhutan’s 30th birthday.

Dr. Lemish is currently teaching at the University of Toronto’s jazz studies program and co-directs the Israeli-Iranian Musical Initiative.

He appeared previously at Chez Hanny with the Noam Lemish / George Marsh Duo.

Bassist Miles Wick earned his B.A. in Jazz Studies at Sonoma State University where his teachers included William Allaudin Mathieu, and Mel Graves.

He has performed with Mel Graves, Noam Lemish, George Marsh, Mel Martin, Charlie McCarthy, Babatunde Lea, Randy Vincent, Dave McNab, Dred Scott, Keith Saunders, Bryan Bowman, Smith Dobson, Kasey Knudsen, Susan Sutton, Luke Westbrook, Michael Coleman, Jack Riordan, Sheldon Brown, and Ben Goldberg.

He appeared previously at Chez Hanny with the MQW Trio with Michael Zilber.

Alex Aspinall is a drummer and percussionist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He graduated from the jazz program at Sonoma State University where he studied with Mel Graves and George Marsh.

Alex has performed with Ken Cook, Doug Miller, Tyler Blanton, Noam Lemish, Randy Vincent, Mel Graves, Chuck Sher, Dan Wilensky, Mel Martin, Edo Castro, Terrence Brewer, Mimi Fox, and Kathleen Grace.