Chives represents the collective musical output of Matthew Wohl (bass), Steven Lugerner (alto and soprano sax, bass clarinet), and Max Jaffe (drums). Their music is a continuation of the jazz trio continuum - yet Chivesí repertoire is heavily influenced by the world of songwriting. Their third recording, "Dads", was released on Primary Records in August 2012 to critical acclaim.

Chives is not only a platform for fluid improvisation and composition but a story of common experiences, aesthetic intentions, and beginnings. Born between 1987 & í88, Chives each have Jewish roots from their fathers with Australian (Wohl), Mexican (Lugerner) & Korean (Jaffe) roots from their mothers. They grew up together in Burlingame, California surrounded by peers and teachers who nourished their musical sensibilities, and have collaborated together in various settings since middle school for a total of thirteen years - more than half their lives.

After recording their debut self-released album "Arnold", Chives collectively relocated to Brooklyn, NY. During their first two years in New York, Chives produced and released "For Brian Wilson", a dedication to Major League Baseballís Brian Wilson. "Dads" is yet another dedication, this time to the men who introduced them to the beautiful game of baseball; Steve Wohl, Jeffrey Lugerner & Mark Jaffe.

"Chives are a limber group - the rhythm section (Jaffe & Wohl) bring elasticity and bounce to the alternately airy and driving grooves as Lugerner tangles with the themes, sometimes playing inside them and sometimes soaring far afield." - Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader)

"A trio consisting of childhood friends, they clearly have a creative symbiosis earned through timeÖ. They each have their influences and their own personal music directions, and, at times, those influences peek out from this trioís sound. But ultimately, their familiarity is stronger than that which informs their personal music paths, and itís why 'Dads' is preeminently cohesive and of one voice. Itís a voice that keeps up a hell of a chatter, but it positively has something worth hearing." - David Sumner (

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