Albatross Clarinet Quartet

Dave Tidball (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, composer) was born and raised in Wales and, as a teenager, began playing clarinet and saxophone in his father’s dance band. Relocating to London after high school, he played with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra before joining British jazz fusion pioneers “Turning Point”.

In 1979, he came to the US and was active on the jazz scene in Boston before heading west in 1985. In the early 90s he formed “Threedom” with Bill Douglass and Robert Kaufman, and spent 5 years in Paula West’s band. More recently, he can be heard with FivePlay Jazz Quintet, and Ian Dogole’s projects, including a 2013 recording with Paul McCandless, Frank Martin and Fred Randolph.

He can also be heard in the saxophone section of Tony Corman’s new big band “Morchestra”. Lately, Dave has been exploring free improvisation in “The Sound Effekt”, featuring guitarist Mike Wynar and drummer Galen Grant.

He has performed at Chez Hanny with FivePlay Jazz Quintet.

Charlie Keagle (clarinet, bass Clarinet, composer). Classically trained, but went bad early…

Williams College: Studied clarinet with Francis Cardillo. Played in Berkshire Symphony.

Univ. of Washington: Studied composition with Ken Benshoof, Bill Smith. Played in Contemporary Music Performance Group.

Decidedly peripatetic musical experience in many musical styles: Shelley Manne, Howard Roberts, Geoff Muldaur, The Band, Full Faith and Credit, Hairy Brouhaha, Swing Fever, Billy Philadelphia, Norm Durkee, Larry Dunlap, Jim and Morning Nichols.

Played numerous shows and commercial recordings, including "Hair", "The Day the Earth Stood Still", and "Beach Blanket Babylon".

Currently member of Manny Moka’s Latin funk band, and Tony Corman’s “Morchestra”.

Dick Mathias is a freelance woodwind doubler (clarinets, flutes, saxophones, recorders) working with a wide range of Bay Area theater pit orchestras, jazz groups, classical chamber ensembles, and the occasional orchestra gig.

An Oakland native, Dick received important formative musical training in East Bay public schools, eventually landing in the experimental milieu of the early 1970’s San Francisco Conservatory. His musical outlook is an amalgamation of interests and influences: jazz, classical, the avant-garde...

Dick directs the Jazz Ensemble at the Branson School in Ross, and teaches in the Chamber Music program.

Jim Dukey played 38 Seasons with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, on clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophones.

Other groups include The SF Symphony and Opera.

On saxophone, Jim played for years in the Monday Night Big Band at the Great American Music Hall, The Reunion, and Pearl's.

The Venetian Room at the Fairmont featured many great singers, the last of the supper club gigs in SF. Jim worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Williams, George Shearing, The Modern Jazz Quartet, among many others in the house band.

He is on many Recordings. You don't have any of them.